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Case Study: Create A Logo To Launch The University Of Rochester’s “Well•U” Health Program

Create an identity for the University of Rochester’s employee wellness program. The program called, Well•U, was launched to support the health needs of the University community. The program addressed healthy eating habits, stress-free management, personal health assessment, weight management, yoga, and sessions to quit smoking,

Starting with the word Well•U, a graphic was created using the word itself. By making the letter “e” active, the graphic took on human characteristic. This accentuated the message of the Well•U program, and delivered a health, and well-being lifestyle to the college community.

The logo was printed on T-shirts, pedometers, banners, and collateral material and became recognizable throughout the University community.

Well U t-shirt
Well•U T-Shirt promoting program
Well U Logo
Well•U logos
Well U T-Shirt
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