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Case Study: Design New Brochure For SUNY Oswego Programs

Create a new brochure for the State University of New York at Oswego, to highlight their academic programs.

In each marketing piece below, SUNY Oswego’s college colors of yellow and green, are used in the color scheme of each design. The photographs chosen convey the type of activities and curriculum each program represents. The brochure (at left), focuses on learning environments that provide the necessary interaction required for Human Development majors. While the flyer (at right), highlights their business program with descriptive text and a curriculum chart listing courses required to complete their program.

The client was happy with the design and the new brochure highlights the College programs as well as their College colors as a recognizable institution of higher education.

SUNY Oswego Flyer
SUNY Oswego Flyer
SUNY Oswego Human Resource Brochure
SUNY Oswego Human Development Brochure
SUNY Oswego Public Justice Brochure
SUNY Oswego Public Justice Brochure
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