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hands at computer image, how to design and organize web content

5 Tips To Support Reading Web Content

As readers, or even curators of the content we present, communicating thoughts and ideas is most effective when simple design principles are applied.
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Woman contemplating marketing partner

Why Hire A Graphic Designer?

Have you ever wondered if hiring a graphic designer was really worth the investment? Weigh carefully the decision to hire a marketing partner, the benefits might be greater than you think.
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designing memorable logo | intrexdesign | what makes a good logo

How To Design A Memorable Logo That Connects With Your Audience?

What makes a good logo? It's a common question most business owners ask themselves. Here are 5 basic tips to consider.
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IntreXDesign 2 awards Oneida Country Travel Guild and Kritter Sitter Holiday Card

IntreXDesign & Associates Receives Two National Awards From Graphic Design USA

Graphic Design USA is a national resource for creative and design professionals, and their annual competition honors large corporations, organizations,…

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Lead Like George Washington When The Future Is Unpredictable

As business owners, leaders must embrace the responsibility to adapt to changes. Yet in order to remain successful and relevant, leaders must lead in ways that are often unforeseen. It's time for leaders to lead.
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