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Writing Tips For Those Who Aren’t Writers

Are you someone who enjoys writing? Or is your response to this question met with some hesitation? Most people don't consider themselves writers. But social media platforms and their functionality have increased how we interact and communicate with others through…

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Even Canning Has Teaching Moments

Have you ever canned? Last year I canned for the first time and the process went pretty smoothly. So I thought I'd try canning again this year. Remember the last time you were in a position where you tried to save yourself a few extra steps…

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Hands Clapping

Share Appreciation In The Moment

When praises for a job well done come from a valued client or vendor, immediately share the good news with others who contributed to the project's success. While this may seem obvious, it's important to acknowledge the recognition "in the moment" rather…

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Productivity Shrinking?

                An important part of the day is being productive; but distractions make work performance more challenging. Below are three temptations to avoid. 1) Reduce distractions and make productivity achievable by checking social media…

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