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Writing Tips For Those Who Aren’t Writers

Are you someone who enjoys writing? Or is your response to this question met with some hesitation?

Most people don’t consider themselves writers. But social media platforms and their functionality have increased how we interact and communicate with others through writing.

If you ever wrote a review for a product or service, or shared an upcoming event that promotes a good cause—you had to write.

Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, usually encourage written content like a caption or brief description. But when it comes to promotional marketing, writing original content requires a creative approach.

For businesses and nonprofits, writing to a specific audience offers benefits when done consistently. Such approaches might include a newsletter, email campaign blasts, or ads for paid social media outreach. The reality is writing can be easier with a few simple approaches.

Write Like A Marketer
If you’re not a professional writer, you know the frustration of staring at your computer screen endlessly with nothing to say.

You have two choices. You can hire a writer, or write the content yourself. Below are some bullet points and thoughts to consider when writing or interviewing subjects for your next article.

First Steps
• Define the angle of your article
• In your article address the “why of your writing”
• Always fact check numbers, titles, and years
• Use quotes to add interest

Use Email Only To Verify
• Arrange an interview
• Fact check follow ups
• Ask for official statement
• Share resources

Interviewing Subjects One-On-One
• Set expectations for subject and provide bullet points for discussion
• Observe your subject in their surroundings, this adds interest to your article
• Ask open ended questions (rather than yes/no questions)
• Remind subject to answer in complete sentences
• Take pauses and listen to responses
• Clarify questions when needed

Interviewing Subjects By Phone
• Take notes and record call if possible
• Get straight to your questions and be considerate of their time
• Respect the silence and let subjects respond to questions
• Smile when you dial and while talking to a subject, it makes you sound friendly

Professional writers will tell you, these helpful tips are strategies they practice regularly when writing their own content. As the need to write content increases, learning simple techniques to make writing easier, can make anyone a better and more confident writer.

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