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Curb 5 Daily Distractions That Decrease Productivity

An important part of each day, is the ability to complete tasks. But despite our best efforts, work performance is often challenged when distractions creep up. Managing these distractions and curbing them when possible, starts with recognizing these five daily distractions to avoid.
1) Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media Apps: Our guilty pleasure is staying connected. We frequently check social media apps regularly causing interruptions during the day. We’ve learned to accept these distractions as normal, shifting our attention from one activity to another. By changing our behavior and making a conscious effort to reduce interruptions, your brain will retain its focus and you’ll complete more tasks. You can reward yourself with short breaks for 2-3 minutes to check social apps a few times a day.
2) Temperature Changes: We often don’t give too much thought to office temperatures which frequently shifts to regulate machines and work environments. Most people adjust to these temperatures and proceed with daily tasks. While the human body is comfortable around 37 °C; there’s some reasoning that indoor and outdoor shifts in temperature does have an affect on productivity.
3) Multiple Device Distractions: If you have multiple devices synced to inform you of a meeting, that’s enough to take your mind off a current task, to silence devices. Remember to put devices on vibrate or a very low buzz to reduce multiple distractions and retain your concentration.
4) The Allure of Snacks: Fueling the body while you work is an optimal way to keep productive. But bad food choices like candy bars and chips can make you feel slower, sleepier, and less motivated to complete work assignments. While caffeine is good, it’s recommend your last blast of caffine should not exceed 3:00 p.m., especially if you have trouble sleeping. Healthy snacks like fruit, veggies, or rice cakes are great alternative snacks. 
5) Mental Fatigue: While you may try to justify not taking breaks, the truth is taking short breaks actually helps reenergize the brain and body. Focusing on one task for a long period of time can be draining. It’s better to recharge mentally and physically, resuming tasks with a fresh approach adding more clarity and efficiency to any project at hand.

Avoid these daily distractions to increase work performance, and you’ll add minutes to your day.

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