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Marketing—it’s not just our occupation; it’s our passion. We love each new project’s challenges, and nothing inspires us more than helping our clients meet and exceed their professional goals. That’s the kind of energy and attention you can expect from IntreXDesign.

IntreXDesign partners with you on all your marketing deliverables—print, web, and social media marketing. Not only will we help you meet your professional goals, we’ll make you look fantastic along the way. It’s what we love to do!


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What's So Different About Us?

We Listen To You To Understand Your Unique

stand-out qualities

Think of IntreXDesign as your personal creative partner with your best interest in mind. We’re passionate about  supporting the betterment of individuals, groups, and society through imaginative design that empowers and influences others.

It all starts with authentic design, vivid colors, and creative composition. Through artistically crafted marketing solutions and a focus on brand awareness, we help you educate and engage your target audience, all the while supporting your company’s growth and increasing revenue.

Let’s collaborate to ignite your marketing!

Meet Our Founder & Brand Strategist
Jeannine Papelino

Creativity is my passion. It’s the reason I chose to get into graphic design in the first place. I’m equally passionate about education and the power it has to influence others. I love to create designs that introduce people to businesses and organizations that can add value to their lives.

I’m also enthusiastic about visual design that unifies groups through charitable causes, promotes advancement through learning opportunities, supports health and wellness, and empowers people to make good choices. For me, it’s all about moving people forward. 

For more than two decades, I’ve worked with nonprofits, education institutions, small- to mid-sized businesses, fortune 500 companies, and entrepreneurs, delivering print and web projects that exceed their expectations.

I work closely with my clients, building trust by learning about their goals and graphically enhancing their brand with content that resonates with their audiences. In short, I love making my clients happy!

Our Team
IntreXDesign partners with other creatives to offer just the right amount of artistic talent for each individual project. All our experienced professionals are experts in their fields, whether it’s coding, writing, design, or photography. It all adds up to the perfect messaging and visual imagery to get you noticed and achieve your marketing goals.

IntreXDesign Founding

Our Story
And Brand

Our Story

Growing up and around a successful entrepreneur, Jeannine Papelino learned that being a self-starter is the result of hard work, education, passion, determination, and the pursuit of a life-long dream. These values resonated with her. In spite of some naysayers, she chose to follow her creative instincts and pursued a degree in art, earning her bachelors in graphic design and master’s in information management. Continuing her education she completed a small business certificate program to later start her own business, which was exactly where her heart needed to be.

Jeannine’s career started with a Fortune 500 company and later transitioned to a career in Higher Education where she worked with college departments and designed their alumni magazine design. When the opportunity to work in New York City surfaced, Jeannine freelanced in the Big Apple, learning all she could to launch her own business.


Today, Jeannine works hard to creatively support her clients needs through an honest and straight-forward approach to their marketing. This gives her client’s the guidance they need, with a value-drive approach they deserve, for the most successful outcome.

Our Name

In 2000, Jeannine founded IntreXDesign as a resource for businesses and organizations without an in-house marketing department, but who needed a dedicated partner who had their best interests in mind.

The company’s name and logo were inspired by how the Internet changed the way companies do business (Intre); how the speed of networks, digital technologies, and working online make production and communication easier (X); and to clearly represent what we do (Design).

Our Logo

The circular graphic represents our never-ending commitment to our clients to offer guidance and marketing recommendations with an honest and value-driven approach. The three bars represent the knowledge, insight, and influence we provide. Finally, the open square symbolizes a computer chip and the technology we use to help our clients succeed.

Jeannine was fortunate to have an inspirational entrepreneur in her life and values the knowledge and support she received that ignited her entrepreneurial spirit to launch IntreXDesign.


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