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Sankaty Head Lighthouse In Cape Cod

Creating the artwork for Sankaty Head Lighthouse . . . I must admit, was not a landmark that was top-of-mind.

But while contemplating the next image I would create, I recalled this majestic lighthouse when I visited the Cape Cod region. The 70-foot tall lighthouse, was an impressive sight. The sharp orange and white colored bands that wrap around the body added perspective; and only capitalized on it’s magnificent structure.

A Cape Code Lighthouse Becomes Art

Maybe it was the memory of a day-long excursion that made this lighthouse a consideration. That May day started by taking a boat to Nantucket, a bus ride to the coast, and a 1.5 mile walk along the edge of a 100 high buff. Getting there was a mini adventure. But the reward at the end of this expedition really intrigued me. Seeing the lighthouse in person was well worth the trip. The historic lighthouse—which was moved once due to erosion—stood impressively tall.

I took a lot of photos of this lighthouse. I like it for its statute and the memorable feeling I had standing before it. It’s distinct appearance with the bright bold colors, blue ski, and grassy ground was stunning. This became the lighthouse’s advantage; and the reason the artwork was created. I realized that the sketch alone wasn’t difficult. But getting the perspective right and solving how to create the long grass and rays of light was more challenging.

When I create my artwork each element of the graphic is carefully envisioned. It’s like pieces of a puzzle that only come together once I work on it. Each element is constructed as it visually comes to me. Like the colors and graphic shapes that form the final design.

The Sankaty Head Lighthouse provided the perfect adventure. But given it was an icon I set out to explore, the memories of this excursion made this lighthouse a must-do for my next illustrative design. For this reason, I chose to memorializing this lighthouse by creating an illustration that allowed me to reflect on the memories I made that day while visiting Nantucket. In reflection, the same is probably true for all those explorers who take the same journey to visit this historical lighthouse.


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