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Case Study: Designing and Organizing Magazine Projects, And Managing All Aspects Of Production

Design and coordinate the University of Rochester’s alumni magazine. Highlight all events and research in this 64-page magazine.

Cover and Inside Pages
Two alumni covers and inside pages are shown in a large format. One cover highlights the feature story entitled, “Innovation at Rochester: An A to Z Guild“. With a glimpse into the inside pages showing the design and  subjects covered within the college community.

The second example, is an image of a baby on the cover. This feature story is more serious in tone and shows the medical side of everyday parents who struggle with premature newborns.

A magazine of this size requires a lot of organization and communication among staff members. It’s working jointly to meet deadlines and make adjustments when necessary to support the projects production. Coming up with the cover and feature story ideas also adds interest to our readers.

Good organization skills among staff members working in unison bring this magazine to life. The imagery and ideas for content go through several approval stages. Often facts are checked and pages proofed to ensure the accuracy of the magazine. When the project goes to press, its often the designer who reviews the press pages and carefully evaluates the colors and content for approval. Working along side other professionals make the entire magazine a success when delivered.


University of Rochester A to Z Alumni Magazine
University of Rochester, Alumni Magazine
University of Rochester Alumni Magazine
University of Rochester, Alumni Magazine
University of Rochester Alumni Magazines
Alumni Magazine: Covers
Feature Story: A to Z
University of Rochester Inside pages, A to Z
Inside Spread
Feature Story: Newborn
University of Rochester, Alumni Magazine, Inside page spread, baby feature story
Inside Spread
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