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Ice Cream

Snacks That Zap Sleep

Getting a good night sleep may have something to do with the sweet treat you choose as an evening snack. This is because your body digests fats slower than carbohydrates or proteins. The fact is eating high fat foods before bedtime mess with your digestive track causing sleep disturbances. Premium ice creams containing 16-17 grams of fat for a small serving are the biggest culprits. Ice creams like Haagen-Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s are guilty pleasures, rich and creamy but high in fat. Avoid eating temptations like these an hour or two before bedtime because it activates the digestive system and interferes with sleep patterns.

Other foods to avoid include chocolate, especially dark as it has high levels of caffeine, as well as coffee. Spicy foods can also revive up your metabolism. Body temperatures commonly rise after consuming spicy foods and can take you longer to fall asleep. Veggies like beans, broccoli, and cauliflower can cause excess gas and bloating making sleep more difficult to attain.

To help you sleep try warm milk or cherry juice, both have proven methods for calming the body before sleep.

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