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Digital Placed Advertising

Technology has evolved into custom-based applications and message-driven content. The shift in today’s competitive world, is less focused on TV-based advertising and more on video placed screens.

Where you might ask? Everywhere—elevators, taxi cabs, airports, and even lobbies in office buildings. In some big cities such screens are already in use. To advertisers it makes sense. Consumers are more sophisticated and want relevant advertising. Therefore, advertisers are rethinking how they appeal to their customers. It’s about delivering the right message, to the right customers, at the right time, and in the right mindset, to add relevancy to their message.

As a mobile-world we’re connected. Advertisers have figured out how to set up triggers that reach their audiences. For example, since the weather changes daily so can the ads placed in elevators to target allergies during high pollen seasons. Or highlight city events in the back seat of a taxi. Advertisers feel customized ads, benefit their customers. The likelihood of consumers acting on advertising tends to increase when their mind is focused on message-driven content.

What do you think, is it too invasive or a much better approach?

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