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Are You Doing Your Marketing?

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Most business owners don’t market themselves on a regular basis. Therefore, work can be sporadic—feast or famine mode. But why? Three reasons:
1) They may not be motivated
2) They slack off
3) Anxiety kicks in and gets the best of them
These are considered pain points—they prevent businesses from moving forward. Think about it. What is the ultimate price you’ll pay to continue going down this road—you fail to land new clients, lose income, or less time with friends and family. In this social media world, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, and do nothing other than open a Facebook account—simply because everyone else is doing it. The solution, develop a simple marketing plan and maintain it on a regular basis. For example, pick a social media application to use regularly—something that will motivate you—and build your business brand by using and making regular posts. Write about your specialty and discuss how you’ve helped someone else. Then look back at how you got your last 3 clients, was it at a networking event, word-of-mouth, or through another method. If it worked what was it?
Here are three tips:
1. Treat marketing like a regular business activity that must be done every week
2. Create goals for yourself and reach them, report to yourself with deadlines, and plot your work schedule so it becomes routine—this trick will become a habit
3. Find a partner who will listen and hold your feet to the fire if you don’t reach your goals—and use social media like Facebook to promote them
4. Give yourself rewards when you complete the task (like treating yourself to a latte)
5. Remind yourself what worked well in the past and do it repeatedly
Adhering to a regular scheduled plan, is better then no plan at all.

Do you have a plan to market regularly?

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