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Working With A Graphic Designer

We all know that marketing is essential for any prosperous venture. Therefore the importance of connecting with an audience is crucial to increase growth and revenues. But what if you don’t have a dedicated in-house marketing person? The answer in all sincerity, might come from reading the article, Why Hire A Graphic Designer?

Making the decision to work with a graphic designer is a decision that’s either easy or leads to hesitation. If it’s the later, not knowing what to expect may prevent you from moving forward. Consequently, you may wonder what happens if you don’t like the creative work a designer presents . . . then what?

You can rest assured. Many designers understand it can be intimidating when these questions pop into you head. But it’s very common for designers to address your concerns with an initial meeting. In many cases, additional information regarding how a designer works and what to expect follows this meeting. Consider it an introduction phase, where both the designer and client should feel comfortable working with each other.

Therefore, dismiss your concerns, ask your questions, and give yourself time to make the right decision for you. You may decide it’s the best decision you made.

A Graphic Designer’s Role

A graphic designer’s role is to create ideas and graphics that visually communicate the differences between a product or service. These visuals sometimes include designing a logo, creating artwork, or using an exclusive color palette to collectively unify—all these elements together—under a term called brand identity (or brand for short).

A designer will use a brand’s identity on every piece of marketing material like a website, packaging, print material, or social media graphics; to differentiate your product or service from your competitors. How a designer achieves this comes from their training, experience, and unique creative talent.

When you work closely with a graphic designer, their objective is to understand the story behind how you started your product or service. This story may become part of your distinct brand. It maybe woven into the messaging and graphics a designer creates for you to build your unique identity. From your initial meeting, a designer will gather valuable information to start the creative process based on your discussion and what sets you apart from your competitors. The discussion will focus on specific questions regarding the type of marketing material you need in order to promote yourself. For instance, if you need a logo or website both are essential marketing tools; therefore you may want to do these items first. If a logo or website already exist, then a designer may discuss other marketing outlets that may benefit you—such as social media options.

Once a designer has met and discussed your marketing needs, the next step includes providing you an estimate. This estimate is based on your discussion and the promotional services you’d like created. After you review the proposal, you can decide if the cost is worth moving forward to customize your brand. If you still need clarity, talk with the designer. Share any concerns and try to envision how they see building your brand.

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