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Literacy Coalition: Reaching An Audience In Need

Case Study The Literacy Coalition of Herkimer and Oneida Counties, is a nonprofit organization located in Upstate New York. The organization's mission supports the community through resources in reading, writing, basic skills in problem solving, and speaking the English language.…

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An Ambitious Resolution

In January of 2017, my new year's resolution was to take more breaks from my desk, get into an exercise routine, and make an effort to move more. It was prompted by the need to reduce the strain of minor…

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Writing Tips For Those Who Aren’t Writers

Are you someone who enjoys writing? Or is your response to this question met with some hesitation? Most people don't consider themselves writers. But social media platforms and their functionality have increased how we interact and communicate with others through…

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Shark Tank’s Venture Capitalist

As a mogul entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and mentor to Shark Tank participants, Daymond John shared four tips of advice to an audience of academic students and business entrepreneurs in Rome, New York. Question and Answer Session Q: How did you…

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Your Decisions And The “Switch” In Your Brain

Every morning you follow a routine. Your routine enables you to make thousands of daily decisions subconsciously. These decisions come naturally like whether you eat breakfast, drive, or take public transportation to work or the grocery store. You become dependent on this routine to…

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