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Three Quick Tips For Your Facebook Business Page

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Do you have a Facebook business page? If so, consider these three tips to reach your audience.

Tip One. Have you heard of the 60/30/10 rule? It means 60% of your Facebook content should be industry articles or community events shared with your audience. The 30% of your content is information you or your company writes to your audience that’s original. Then 10% of your posts should include a sell option like a coupon or promoting a special company event.

Tip Two. If you create an “Event” in Facebook, always put the main reason for the event first, then the name of the company. For example, “Open House at ABC Library” or “Special Holiday Beverages Offered to Dunkin Donuts Customers.”

Tip Three. Photos draw the most interest, include a “call-to-action button” on the photo. To achieve the best results be sure the text is short and readable. Use a simple photo avoiding lots of detail that might make reading text difficult. People like to stop and look at photos, therefore including action items on images are a good option.

Use any of these tips on your next Facebook outreach to build stronger connections with your audience.

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