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A Bundle Of Three’s  3 Seo Tips and 3 Resources For Writing Content

Three Tips for Better Search Engine Rankings 
If search engine optimization has you thinking what can I do better to help people find my Website; try these three tips.
Search key words or phases in Google, Bing, or Yahoo. In the search box type in key words related to your products or services. What are the top 10 results? Pay careful attention to the words or phases at the bottom of the page. These key phases define how people are searching and can offer some suggestions on other searchable terms. Look at posted comments in discussion areas for words or phases that can be added to your content or meta tags that could help people find you.
Pay attention to main header tags. Use descriptive text or synonyms in H1 and H2 tags. These are your main header tags which are often searched or indexed by search engines.
Use Google Trends. Type “Google Trends” into your browser and you’ll see words that are popular or trending world-wide. Include the words that best support your Website or article and you’ll be trending too.

Three Writing Resources For Blogs or Articles
The following Websites can help provide ideas when writing your next blog or e-newsletter.
Answerthepublic encourages users to type a word into a search box—then the site returns a slew of questions people have asked regarding the word of inquiry. It’s a great reference site to see the types of questions people ask, or to frame written content around these questions. The information can be sorted as questions, prepositions, or returned alphabetically. Free
Epicbeat also asks users to type a word into a search box—the content returned shows the number of shares, comments, and engagements that surround that topic among published outlets. It’s helpful to brainstorm article ideas or headlines and the content is searchable via country, media outlet, and up to 1 year of publication. The site’s format may take a little getting use to but references good material. Free
Sniply allows users to include a customize call-to-action button, when sharing content such as an article from the Web. The advantage is you create a customized link which points the reader back to your site or a promotional item. Free for first 1,000 clicks • pricing plans thereafter

Hope you found a few of these tips helpful. It’s always good to leverage trending words or phases and sprinkle them into your written content. The advantage to trying something new—is sometimes it can really pay off—and receiving more recognition can be very rewarding.

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