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Three Actions Offer Repeat Business When Principles Matter

It’s on principle, how many times have you heard someone proclaim this before?

Most of the time when someone makes this statement, it’s referenced to an act of conduct, or fact of truth perceived to come from a reliable source. In order to be knowledgeable and helpful to others, one needs to serve within a code of conduct that delivers repeat business. When it comes to pinpointing success, customer service is based on principles.

Actions Deliver Repeat Business
A positive customer experience delivers on promises made. While actions reflect what takes place before, during, and after the transaction. When building a relationship with customers, principles unmistakably matter. How the seller delivers on those principles will be returned in the following manner:

Word of Mouth Referrals. People ask other people where they buy, shop, or what their experiences were with a specific product or service. Word of mouth advertising is 50 times more powerful than other forms of media.

Make Customers Feel Validated. What customers say after the transaction can be directly connected to how the seller made them feel. A seller’s attitude is everything and a friendly approach to making a sale always comes from the principles that define the person doing the selling.

Be Fair. Fairness is how everyone wants to be treated . . . including you. Than do the same for others. No matter whom your servicing, be fair and treat every customer equally. It keeps businesses out of trouble.

Principles Enacted
When principles are in practice, a business’s actions always align with customer service. It creates a noteworthy experience.

But customer service and principles have not exactly been stellar in recent years. Many businesses will site company policy as a way to excuse or dismiss a customer’s complaint—thereby denying any wrongdoing on the account of the business. If a business never tries to rectifying a customer’s complaint with a workable solution, then word-of-mouth will travel. This goes back to the beginning statement, a customer’s good experience will never utter the statement, “it’s on principle.”

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