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Stayin' Alive

smiley cupIf you drink coffee you’ll love the results of a new study claiming living longer may well be in your cup. Whether you drink regular or decaf, 400,000 men and women were studied by the National Institutes of Health (AARP) between the ages of 50-71. For men the risk of dying over the next 14 years was 6 percent lower for those who drank one cup of coffee a day. It was 10 percent lower if they drank two cups a day. For women one cup a day had no lower risk of dying, but if they drank two cups a day, they had a 15 percent lower risk. Coffee drinkers were less likely to die of heart disease, respiratory disease, strokes, injuries and accidents, diabetes, and infections (this does not include cancer). Now you know what to do. ; )

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