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Five Classic and Super Easy, Old-School Principles Customers Value

Do you want to become the top-of-mind business your customers look forward to contacting? It’s easier than you think.

First, think old-school principles—it’s not as taboo as you may believe.

Why? Because they’re rarely practiced.

While these principles are no longer the norm, they do have advantages. Make an impression with simple actions that make a difference between getting work and being passed over.

Become Noteworthy

Setting yourself apart means doing what’s not the norm. Below are principles that are impressionable when enacted upon.

Dress Professionally. The saying, “First impressions are lasting ones,” is so true. While dressing professionally has become a bit outdated, when someone is dressed nicely (meaning no jeans, shorts, or polo/t-shirts, etc. for business attire) an individual is more impressionable simply because they show up differently.

Make A Phone Call. Rather than sending an email make a phone call to follow up on an order, gauge a client’s  satisfaction, or discuss future needs.  It’s more personal. It shows you’re interested in the customer as a person, and  willing to reach out to them.

Follow Up. A hand written note to thank someone for their business, or attending your special event, is a genuine way to establish a a personal connection. Following up to welcome someone who’s connected with you via your social outlets or e-newsletter is also a good practice. It shows there’s a person behind your company or organization whom people are connecting with.

• Provide A Quick Response. A business should respond within 24 hours to emails, voice mail, or inquires. This is an easy way to build good business-to-business relationships. If a conversation spurs an inquiry, get an answer relatively soon. It’s an easy way to exceed a customer’s expectations and also demonstrates your proficiency. Do set aside time during your day to respond to all inquiries. This establishes a reassurance and trust among your customers, prospects, or vendors who posed a question.

Introduce Yourself. When attending a networking event or work conference don’t be shy. If you’re unknown to the people present in the room, remember that a simple introduction starts with hello. If the people in the room don’t know you, then it’s your responsibility to step up and tell them who you are. Lots of times a small introduction like, “Hello, I don’t think we met . . .” is an easy opener to invite yourself into a circle.

These principles are so simple and create lasting impressions customers value. When regularly performed, it strengthens customer relationships and keeps your business or nonprofit top-of-mind.

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