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Are You Sharing Your New Year's Resolution?

Have a New Year’s Resolution? Before revealing my 500, 500, 1,000 goal read on.

Believe it or not, there are mixed thoughts on whether you should share your goals with others.

An article in Psychological Science entitled, “When Intentions Go Public: Does Social Reality Widen The Intention-Behavior Gap?” by Peter Gollwitzer, argues that the brain is the culprit.

Gollwitzer, suggests that making your intentions public creates a premature sense of completeness in our brain. The theory is tied to our self-identity and studies reveal that simply talking about our goals provides the brain a satisfaction that  neglects the pursuit of specific goals. Therefore, sharing your goals can effect whether you achieve them. The article, acknowledged that the strength of an intention is also determined by how well it will be translated into a behavior.

Therefore, sharing your goal or New Year’s Resolution is up to the goalie. Believing that achievement is accomplished by being persistent, I will share mine.

As a graphic designer, I sit a lot. While not intentional, it has become part of my profession. While I feel I get up and move frequently, apparently not enough as I should. I have realized that sitting has taken a toll on my leg muscles and strengthening these muscles will provide more support and strength in my legs. Therefore, throwing caution to the wind, I believe that stating my goals will help me be accountable. My 6-month goal for 2017 includes the word holistic. I plan to achieve the following:

• Recreational: Read the books I’ve ordered from Amazon (will share these books as I read them)
• Financial: Read the “Profit First” book for businesses
• Creative: Start a new watercolor painting
Business: Set up my art store website and reach out to prospects
• Keep a work/life balance: spend more time with family
• Physical: Keep hydrated and within a week’s time frame, 500 push ups, 500 sit ups, 1,000 kicks, and to run 20 minutes on the treadmill by July

I plan to update my progress on my blog recording my progress. If you have a New Year’s goal and would like to share it, reach out to me and I’ll help keep you accountable.

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