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A Gift of Free Tools For You

Sometimes I come across some great tools and thought what better time then the holidays to share these tools with you. These are free services requiring you to sign up for them or download the application. Enjoy.

E.ggtimer (
Manage your time online. This timer allows you to track your time and alerts you when it’s up. It’s free and does not require any sign up.

Sliderocket (
This is a presentation tool which stores your slides online. If you’ve ever presented and had trouble with equipment, this tool will relieve that concern. While I haven’t used this personally (although I may soon), it’s free for casual users. Sign up required.

Join.Me (
A free screen sharing and online meetings application allows you to review documents and converse in real-time. Sign up required.

Drop Box (
This free service allows you to bring all your photos, docs, and video to share from anywhere with Web access. It saves automatically. Sign up required.

Evernote (
I’ve heard a lot of good things about Evernote, and while I haven’t used it myself this free service helps keep you organized. Evernote lets you save your thoughts in one digital place, like written notes, a website, or photos, Evernote organizes it all for you. Sign up required.

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