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An Entrepreneur Makes A Childhood Playhouse Their Business Identity

An Entrepreneur Makes A Childhood Playhouse Their Business Identity

Case Study

Creating A Brand: Starting a business requires careful planning, a passion for your work, and the drive to pursue a lifelong dream. Dr. Joanna Robertson, an entrepreneur and new business owner, recently opened up the Treehouse Reading and Arts Center in New York Mills, New York.

Joanna’s expertise as a literacy professor, reading tutor, music teacher, arts educator, and children’s literature expert, has enriched the lives of many of her students. When an opportunity arose to open her own facility, Joanna felt the time was right to use her skills to better her community. With programs offered for preschools through adolescence, she felt the power of literacy, learning, and the arts offers this age group many educational options.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE: Before launching her new venture, Joanna needed an identity, and asked IntreXDesign & Associates for help in creating her brand. Joanna explained she chose the name, “The Treehouse” because it was symbolic of a child’s favorite playing space; with notions of creativity, imagination, learning and growing. The name fit perfectly with the business she intended to grow.

DESIGN APPROACH: For IntreXDesign & Associates, capturing the spirit of this symbol required adding enough detail to communicate a treehouse, while keeping the logo simple and definable. We first started with a sketch (as seen below) than refined it to make the illustration into a graphic. After some refinements the identity emerged creating a child-like icon into her own brand.

Sketch and Logo Concept










The brand colors were an easy pick of green and brown to symbolize nature and growth—like childhood learning and advancements. The rolling hills with its mix of shaded green pastures adds a whimsical feel to the brand’s identity. The playful tire swing keeps the graphic cheerful and fun.

treehouse business cards and bookmark










THE RESULT: With an identity that is unique and recognizable, there’s a reassurance for this new business owner that promoting her educational services within the community will stand out. As Joanna’s promotional material and messaging increases, the benefits associated with an exclusive identity will continue to add noteworthy prominence to all her marketing material.

“And a big thank you to IntreXDesign for the amazing logo and design
work for all aspects of my business! You have been incredible!!!”
—Dr. Joanna Robertson

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