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What Types of Marketing Offer Best Results

Throughout the year, networking events and conferences seem to offer an opportunity for businesses to talk about their products or services. At a recent marketing forum in Upstate New York, I was invited to sit on a panel discussion held by The State University of New York Polytechnic Institute. An audience member asked me the following question, “What types of marketing offer the best results?” My response, “Any type of marketing your comfortable doing.” Here’s why. Marketing requires constant attention and too often businesses don’t do their marketing on a regular basis. Therefore, it’s important to realize that there’s many ways to market your business; choose an avenue you’re comfortable implementing. For example, if you don’t like networking events pick another way to market your business and choose an activity you’ll do frequently. Here’s a few marketing choices:
• speak at an event
• use social media to feature a case study
• offer a discount via social media
• attend an expo event
• sponsor an event

• be a guest on an existing blog site
• make sales calls
• attend networking events
• give away a free gift
• offer a free download on your website
• write an article and get it published
• use the media to publicize your business

Remember the goal is to keep active with your marketing. Doing some form of marketing will give you an advantage over competitors; this will position your business to be more memorable.

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