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Strategies From Top Leaders

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Whether you work for a business, nonprofit, or are self-employed, the tips below are shared by top leaders who give their advice for growth and prosperity.
Successful Leaders . . .
√ understand their industry, marketing advantage, and competition
 businesses and nonprofits unable to identify their greatest assets, skills, and opportunities, are less likely to identify and solve problems or communicate the strength and benefits with a strategic advantage
√ successful leaders are focused on the “big picture”
 businesses and nonprofits unable to understand all facets such as personnel, products, and services, are less likely to effectively manage their resources and sustain longevity
 successful leaders recognize problems while they are small and solve them quickly
 businesses and nonprofits unable to identify mistakes focus too much on missed opportunities. They wait too long and fail to make necessary changes to save money and learn from their experiences
√ successful leaders make change an integral part of long range plans
 businesses and nonprofits unable to reevaluate their position stand still—competition grows—embrace change through education, certifications, and technology to perform at highness level
 successful leaders make commitments and sacrifice personal and family life to succeed
 businesses and nonprofits unable to find common ground through a balanced work and family life have more difficulties . . . starting the day early can aid with minimal distractions and still maintain a balanced lifestyle
√ successful leaders are focused on marketing to their best customers and others like them
 business and nonprofit unable to maintain current customer relationships find it harder to thrive in new niche markets, mainly because it’s more expensive and time consuming to pursue
 successful leaders review financial data monthly
• businesses and nonprofits unable to project future revenues and expenses fail to identify problems and errors quickly which can hurt the business

Through learned experiences, the willingness top leaders have to share advice and observations, come from clarity and years of self-achievement. While these tips are sound advice, progress is made by taking one step forward—even if that step—is implementing just one tip.

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