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New Playful Logo Captures The Spirit Of The Treehouse Reading and Arts Center—Winning National Award

Create an identity that captures imagination, creativity, learning and growing. For this business owner, the name treehouse was already synonymous with creativity and imagination. Therefore, designing this graphic had to include enough character to be child-like and easily memorable.

A treehouse alone is fun, and playful, and symbolic of a child’s favorite playing space. The Treehouse Reading and Arts Center is particularly memorable as a logo because of this association.

Capturing the spirit of this symbol required adding enough detail to communicate a treehouse, while keeping the logo simple and definable. When it came to  brand colors, they were an easy pick of green and brown to symbolize nature and growth—like childhood learning and advancements. The rolling hills with it’s mix of shaded green pastures adds a whimsical feel to the brand’s identity. The playful tire swing keeps the graphic cheerful and fun.

For a deep dive into this case study read our blog article entitled, Case Study: Treehouse Logo, which further defines the creative approach we took to developing this logo.

With an identity that is unique and recognizable, there’s a reassurance for this new business owner that promoting their educational services within the community will stand out. As promotional material and messaging increases, the benefits associated with an exclusive identity will continue to add noteworthy prominence to all their marketing material.

In 2018, Graphic Design USA, a trade publication for graphic design professionals, recognized IntreXDesign & Associates with an award for their creation on the Treehouse Reading and Arts Center Logo. As a recipient of the award, the logo was printed in their 200-page GDUSA Design Annual.

Treehouse Logo
Treehouse Business cards
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