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HighEdWeb Association

Project Objective
As colleges and universities became increasingly connected through web technologies and personnel, the need to come together through a community nonprofit formed the HighEdWeb Association. The association embodies an international community who share ideas, resources, business strategies, and marketing practices, that benefit higher education institutions.

Our Process and Creative Approach
The symbol that captured the essence of this organization, was a globe. The globe communicated a world-wide community; and captured the nature of this organization’s purpose—that technologies in higher education rotate on the axis of change. Changes in telecommunications, automation, social media, logistics, and creative marketing strategies—frequently pivot whenever innovation advances.

The shaded globe adds dimension to the graphic to emphasize world-wide inclusion. The colors of the blue and black were chosen because they have strong meanings like security, reliability, responsible, confident, calmness, and tranquility. These bold colors give strength to everything this association embodies. The thickness of the san serif font was chosen to act like pillars which uphold the weight and importance of this organization.

The Result
This brand has been an international nonprofit organization for over 10+ years. The identity has become the symbol of trust in its industry.

HighEdWeb Association Logo
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