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Medical Scientist Training Program

Project Objective
The University of Rochester’s, Medical Scientist Training Program, focuses on student learning initiatives. The program supports the studies in scientific and medical research that lead to advancements in all areas of academia. Students learn to analyze theories and support research findings to better understand the complex world of science and technology.

Our Process and Creative Approach
The program’s first task was creating a graphic to height awareness within the college community. Starting with the word Well•U, a graphic was created using the word itself. By making the letter “e” active, the graphic took on human characteristic. This accentuated the message of the Well•U program, and delivered a health, and well-being lifestyle to the college community.

The Result
The logo was well received and used on T-shirts, pedometers, banners, and other collateral material.

University of Rochester Medical Training Program designed by IntreXDesign

Medical Scientist Training program brochure

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