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Library Brochure

Project Objective
Create an informational brochure for the University of Rochester’s Rush Rhees Library. The brochure was commissioned to inform students and staff of the services the library offers its college community.

Our Process and Creative Approach
Created in a square format, the library brochure was designed to be compact and offer visitors a handy resource to travel easily. On campus the library doors, are a signature image of the library. These doors were chosen as the cover design because of its beautifully scrolled artwork and its heavily wooden structure. These doors acted as the metaphor of opening the doors to the library history and its resources. The inside pages describe the library’s resources with photos and information that inform visitors the library is much more than just books.

The Result
This information guide, reintroduce the college community to its services, and the collection of resources that can benefit higher learning.

University of Rochester library brochure
Library Brochure 2
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