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Case Study: Designing A Marketing Brochure For Glendoveers Banquet Facilities

Glendoveers is a Rochester, New York, banquet and catering facility specializing in weddings and special events. With a newly renovated facility, the need to rebrand themselves with a brochure for a wedding event was the first of their marketing pieces.

The tri-fold brochure and flyer was created as the first of several marketing pieces this business wanted to promote. Both pieces use the business’s brand colors of purple and tan. Photos were added to the brochure showing their facilities decorated for special events. The photos illustrate the details and organization that goes into personalizing each event. The simplicity of layouts, offers an easy-to-read format and includes the necessary information any perspective customer needs to know.

The flyer (below), was create for the Creative Caterers, side of their business. The simplicity of the flyer using their bold brand colors, kept the details of their catering menu as the focal point.

After participating in a yearly wedding showcase event, Glendoveers has seen an increase in special event books.

Glendoveers Banquet in Rochester, NY, Flyer
Creative Catering Flyer
Glendoveers, Banquet Brochure
Glendoveers Tri-fold Brochure: Front
Glendoveers Banquet Brochure
Tri-fold Brochure: Back
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