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Holiday Cards Designed by IntreXDesign 2018

Send Holiday Greetings With Postcards

Kritter Sitter Card 2018Here’s a peak at holiday postcards we created this year.

The postcard on the right, is a snow scene created from shapes. The design was specifically created for a logo to be placed in the center. The clean, crisp lines, and white artwork allows a viewer to focus prominently on the logo. In this case, the identity of The Kritter Sitter logo (in the shape of a house) fits well into this scene. It becomes part of the artwork itself. The design carries a certain calmness to the graphic which instills trust and security, both strong traits reflected in this business.

The brand blue color mirrors  a cool, crisp, winter day, and reflects the ambience created in the artwork. The simplicity of the shapes, including the rabbit, mimic nature without taking away from the true focal point of the scene. 

Gato Flooring Holiday Card 2018The postcard on the right, is a photograph set up and taken by IntreXDesign & Associates. The photograph was taken to reflect this business owner’s personal style. The request for the postcard was an image that captured the holiday season, with a bit of sparkle, and bright colors that were festive and merry.

The objects that came to mind included a lantern, pine branches, bulbs, and a bright red ribbon.

Using these objects, the props were set up with the red ribbon wrapping around sparkling snowflakes. A candle was lit inside the lantern to capture the spirit of the holiday season. At the bottom another ribbon wraps around the entire scene. The Gato Flooring logo is placed prominently to the right—large enough to be seen, yet subtle enough not to detract from the holiday image. The bold maroon color at the bottom was added to tie in the business’s brand color.

Creating Unique Artwork

IntreXDesign & Associates creates all our artwork for the majority of our projects. Doing so guarantees our clients have a one-of-a-kind image. Best of all, our clients never have any conflicts in licenses or copyright infringement or restrictions sited by stock photography options.

The Benefit Of A Personalized Postcards

Even though this holiday season is almost here, think about the idea next year. Postcards are growing in popularity for businesses that want to express their holiday greetings in early December. It’s a great way for any business to increase exposure and the majority of the time postcards are prominently displayed throughout the holiday season. Holiday postcards help you remain memorable, and let client’s know you appreciate their business.

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