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Create VIP Treatment

Five Tips To Great Customer Service

Create VIP Treatment






The easiest way to increase business, is to treat customers as special patrons or very important people (VIPs). You know the feeling—the bartender who looks past you to acknowledge someone else, or the server who focuses on talking to a friend instead of taking your order. We all like VIP treatment; therefore, it makes sense for businesses to adopt a special treatment philosophy for the services they provide. Here are five easy-to-implement tips.

1) Change the word you use. In some industries, referring to your customers as “guests” or by name, offers a more welcoming reverence to patrons visiting your establishment. Take the time to give your undivided attention to questions or concerns, and follow up on any inquires personally to thank your “guest” for supporting your business
2) Know what your guest needs. A client’s problem may surface in a discussion, and sharing a similar situation before it’s asked can provide their solution and build your credibility
3) What you say or don’t say is important. Always be respectful no matter the situation, it goes much further than being disrespectful
4) Equal treatment is key. Your guest can take his or her business elsewhere, and at any time. This is worth remembering
5) Resolve issues quickly and respectfully. Mistakes happen, problems surface—solve them quickly with an apology. Going the extra mile can aid in repeat business and mutual respect. Remember, it’s everyone’s job to provide great customer service, it’s simple and most often one of the most overlooked aspects of business growth

Marketing focuses on how your business differs from competitors and what special treatment you offer that makes your business stand above the rest. Know how to implement a service that builds respect among your clients and reinvents reasons your customers should return to seek your help. Whether it’s implementing these five tips or creatively coming up with your own, know that businesses thrive by finding ways to grow.

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