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5 Tips to Effective Communication

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When we communicate, it’s important that our message is well stated and clearly thought out. In most cases, the purpose of our correspondence is to provide information, whether it’s about a product or service, or to ask someone to preform a task—like run an errand or leave a message. Whatever your purpose, making an effort to communicate clearly will yield better results when your message is simply stated. Here are five simple ways to deliver content that gets noticed.

1) Keep message short. Omit small words or sentences with no real value to the message. This delivers a clear sentence structure that’s easily understood. If a sentence does not benefit someone’s understanding of a product or service, then omit it.
2) Define terms. Always define a word that maybe unfamiliar to the reader. It’s important to deliver clarity in the message before the word is used again.
3) Use metaphors. To make a point stronger, reference an object people already know. Example: the color of the car was banana yellow.
4) Use humor. When possible use humor to deliver a message. People comprehend a message better when irony is used to make them smile.
5) Tell a Story. Stories have an impact especially when events occur in chronological order and carry a life lesson.

Use these simple and easy tips to make your content stronger for all your readers.

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