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If the thought of marketing makes you chuckle, we got you covered. Whether it’s a brochure, promotional item, enewsletter or flyer, we’ll support all your marketing needs.

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Need A Little Hocus-Pocus?
alarm clockDo you find yourself regularly putting off marketing tasks; and justifying it as a next day duty? How often do you hear your inner voice telling you it’s a must do today? You’re not alone. You know marketing is important; but creating distractions to do something else other than marketing is probably not completely excusable. It’s time to take action.

While you know your game plan; you wisely know an interference will surface to obstruct your play. Thinking strategically, you dream of working with a productive, dependable, and reputable associate who can support your needs like marketing. It’s time to make that move. An interception is needed, and instantly you know who to call.

• you want to feel self-assured and on top-of-the world, but marketing is like that elephant in the room sitting on you

• you’d love a marketing relationship that’s dependable, trustworthy, and unlike a bad penny that regularly resurfaces to instinctively warn you, ‘heads up’

• you regularly prioritize lists, work, and messages, and still those little varmint gremlins creep up on you

• you’d love a little fairy dust (now and then) to clone yourself

• your marketing mojo (if you have one) has circum to gobbledygook and is completely missing in action

• you’d like to hire one of those young whippersnappers who can write content in a flash

• you don’t have an in-house marketing department, but what sounds appealing to you, is renting one of Santa’s elfs (off season) to do the marketing for you

• you need a little magic in your life

If yes, to any {or all} of these questions; you need us.

IntreXDesign & Associates acts as your partner who has your back. We work with you on all your marketing deliverables—print, web, and social media marketing. Like magic and a whirl of abracadabra, we’ll complete your projects, you look fantastic, and of course receive all the recognition for a job well done.

Slide “We worked with IntreXDesign on a 16-page brochure with an extremely short deadline. IntreXDesign did a terrific job, designing a beautiful piece and working overtime to meet the deadline.” —Cook Communications, LLC Slide “Thank you for the great work you did in designing the new guide and your attention to detail. We are very happy with the final product and how it represents our destination. It's beautiful.” —Kelly Blazosky, President, Oneida County Tourism Slide “The site was more than we could hope for.” —DuRight Pest Control Slide “Thank you for an outstanding product as well as quality service.” —United Way of Greater Rochester, New York Slide “The postcards look great . . . thank you so much.” —Sofo Decorative Finishes Slide “The postcards look great . . . thank you so much.” —Sofo Decorative Finishes
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