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If the thought of marketing makes you chuckle, we got you covered. Whether it’s a brochure, promotional item, enewsletter or flyer, we’ll support all your marketing needs.

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Need A Little Hocus-Pocus?
alarm clockDo you find yourself regularly putting off marketing tasks; and justifying it as a next day duty? How often do you hear your inner voice telling you it’s a must do today? You’re not alone. You know marketing is important; but creating distractions to do something else other than marketing is probably not completely excusable. It’s time to take action.

While you know your game plan; you wisely know an interference will surface to obstruct your play. Thinking strategically, you dream of working with a productive, dependable, and reputable associate who can support your needs like marketing. It’s time to make that move. An interception is needed, and instantly you know who to call.

• you want to feel self-assured and on top-of-the world, but marketing is like that elephant in the room sitting on you

• you’d love a marketing relationship that’s dependable, trustworthy, and unlike a bad penny that regularly resurfaces to instinctively warn you, ‘heads up’

• you regularly prioritize lists, work, and messages, and still those little varmint gremlins creep up on you

• you’d love a little fairy dust (now and then) to clone yourself

• your marketing mojo (if you have one) has circum to gobbledygook and is completely missing in action

• you’d like to hire one of those young whippersnappers who can write content in a flash

• you don’t have an in-house marketing department, but what sounds appealing to you, is renting one of Santa’s elfs (off season) to do the marketing for you

• you need a little magic in your life

If yes, to any {or all} of these questions; you need us.

IntreXDesign & Associates acts as your partner who has your back. We work with you on all your marketing deliverables—print, web, and social media marketing. Like magic and a whirl of abracadabra, we’ll complete your projects, you look fantastic, and of course receive all the recognition for a job well done.

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