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Create A Logo To Launch The University Of Rochester’s “Well•U” Health Program

Introduce the new University of Rochester’s employee wellness program with a new logo. The program called, Well•U, was launched to support the needs of the University community. The program focuses on healthy eating habits, stress-free management, personal health assessment, weight management, sessions to quit smoking, yoga, and biometric screenings.

The program’s first task was creating a graphic to height awareness within the college community. Starting with the word Well•U, a graphic was created using the word itself. By making the letter “e” active, the graphic took on human characteristic. This accentuated the message of the Well•U program, and delivered a health, and well-being lifestyle to the college community.

The logo was well received as a graphic and used on T-shirts, pedometers, banners, and other collateral material throughout the University.

Well U Logo
Well U t-shirt
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