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Creating A Customized Logo For “Sofo Decorative Finishes” Using The Artist’s Own Graphic

As an artist who creates decorative wall imagery, creating an identity for her business had to be unique. Her request was to make her graphic personal, by including a piece of her artwork into the design.

Sofo was the perfect name for this interior designer who creates fake interior wall textures. The name was derived from the french word “faux” (pronounced “fo” meaning fake). To capitalize on this idea the designer named her business “Sofo” as in so fake designs.

Upon starting this project, a number of different fonts were reviewed and carefully considered before one was chosen. The typeface chosen for her identity, was a decorative, scroll-like font to capture her personal work style. As the design process moved forward, one idea surfaced, making this logo truly customized. Since this artist created many decorative graphics, adding one of her graphics into the logo would make her identity more personal. When her graphic was added to the font, it represented her identity perfectly—it captured her work style and business name.

As her identity evolved, other pieces like her stationery and postcard were designed to include decorative textures that display her artistic works.

For this artist, she realized her business needed an identity. While she received most of her work through word-of-mouth from contractors and interior designers, no one knew her business name. Therefore, she realized taking that next step forward in her business to build her brand had to be memorable. By adding a piece of her artwork into the logo it made her business brand personal. The font and scroll graphic unified her personal style and represented her artistic side perfectly. It was exactly the identity she needed to establish who she was with the business she created.

Sofo Decorative Finishes Logo
Sofo Decorative Finishes
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