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The Treehouse Reading & Arts Center

Project Objective
Create a Website with playful and engaging content, add graphic elements, and brand colors to support the branding of this business.

Our Process and Creative Approach
Once this business established their identity, creating consistency between all forms of marketing and social media was essential. For web content, creating additional design elements like blue sky, rolling hills, and green colored pasture were added elements that enhanced their brand. The crisscross interweave patchwork of grass adds dimension and a playful feel to web content.

The Result
As this business continue to grow, the feedback on their Treehouse brand regularly receives praise. It’s what makes their brand memorable in the eyes of their audience.

In 2018, Graphic Design USA, a business-to-business information source and trade publication for graphic design professionals, awarded IntreXDesign & Associates recognition for their creation on the Treehouse Reading and Arts Center Logo. To see more information about our award read more.

Treehouse Logo
Treehouse Identity Material
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