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Facts About The American Flag 

1) There were 27 different versions of the American flag, the original flag represented the first 13 colonies with 13 stars and stripes.

2) In 1794 Kentucky and Vermont were added to the flag resulting in 15-stars and stripes, this inspired Francis Scott Key’s writing for the “Star Spangled Banner” written after the battle at Fort McHenry during the War of 1812.
3) William Canby, was the grandson of Betsy Ross, who mentioned to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania in 1870, that Betsy Ross was the creator of the flag. No one knew this before, but recorded government payments suggest this is true.
4) The flag colors are symbolic: Red stands for valor, white stand for purity, and blue stands for perseverance and justice.
5) The latest version of the American flag is the longest lasting celebrating it’s 54th anniversary this year.

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