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Creativity With A Splash Of Fun
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Our clients tell us our flair for color is a trademark of our creativity. For us it’s like the icing on the cake—each project is different, exciting, and compels us to do what we love to do—and that’s make our clients happy!

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Meet Our Creative Director

IntreXDesign's Founder, Jeannine Papelino
Jeannine Papelino
Creative Director + Information Specialist

“Creativity is my passion, and the reason I chose graphic design. But I’m equally passionate about education and the power it has to influence humanity. By combining my twin passions of education and graphic design, I love to create designs that educate people on information that adds value to their lives. I’m enthusiastic about visual design that unifies groups through charitable causes, promotes advancement through learning opportunities, supports health and wellness, and empowers people to confidently make good choices. Through visual design my role as a graphic designer is to raise awareness on cultural, social, and economic issues to move people forward.

For over 10+ years, I’ve worked with nonprofits, education institutions, small-to-mid size businesses, and entrepreneurs, delivering print and web projects that exceed my client’s expectations. Through a personal approach I work closely with my clients, building their trust, understanding their goals, and graphically enhancing their brand; with content that connects with their audiences. While I’m regularly told my flair for color has become trademark of my creativity, I (shyly) acknowledge my client’s recognition. But honestly, I keep doing what I love to do—and that is—making my client’s happy!

Our Story

Growing up in a family owned business, I was ingrained with the notion that being a self-starter comes from hard work, education, passion, determination, and the pursuit of a life-long dream.

I chose to peruse my creative side knowing full well it was exactly where her heart needed to be. In 2000, IntreXDesign was established as a resource for businesses and organizations who did not have an in-house marketing department; but needed to partner with a firm that had their best marketing interest in mind. Through partnerships with other creatives my firm supports the needs of our clients on a per project basis. Today, it feels great to own my own business and serve my clients directly. I truly love what I do, and the joy I receive by making my clients happy.


The graphic and name, IntreXDesign were established long before the business came along—both derived from three concepts:

• Internet (“Intre”)—the web changed the way companies do business

• “X”—speed of networks, digital technologies, and working over wire make production and communication easier

• “Design”—classifies what we do

Our Graphic

As a universal symbol, a circle is a never ending structure. The circular graphic was chosen because it represents a commitment to our clients  . . .  a pledge to offer guidance and marketing recommendations with an honest and value-driven approach.

The three bars represent the beliefs we offer our clients:

• knowledge: a drive to learn and pursue valuable skills to benefit our clients

• insight: watching trends to act on them

• influence: make a memorable impression

The open square graphic outlines the border of a computer chip, and the technology used to work effectively

Our Team
For a number of years IntreXDesign & Associates has partnered with other creatives to offer our clients the right creative talent for each individual project. All our talented professionals are experienced in their fields, whether it’s a programmer, writer, or photographer we create the right marketing message and visual imagery to get you noticed. Which in turn, increase your revenues.

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