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Share Appreciation In The Moment

hands clappingWhen praises for a job well done come from a valued client or vendor, immediately share the good news with others who contributed to the project’s success. While this may seem obvious, it’s important to acknowledge the recognition “in the moment” rather than waiting for the right time to pass along good praises. Too often, such recognition is shared with a few individuals or jotted down for a future salary review. Acting fast to share the good news has lasting effects on all participates and builds loyal relationships among teammates and individuals. By recognizing those who contributed their hard work, talent, and time, to a project’s success a powerful message of support is sent to all parties. Such efforts shouldn’t be undervalued but recognized among individuals in high ranking positions such as the president, VP, manager, or project leader. Here are a few suggestions to take that acknowledgment one step further:
• express recognition on a company website or press release
• praise an individual or team among peers
• offer comp time or a day off
• offer the lead on a new project
• support a charity in someone’s name
• give a bonus, pay increase, or gift certificate
When people feel valued and appreciated they work harder, give back more, and are happier at work.

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