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The School of Medicine & Dentistry

Project Objective
The University of Rochester’s Medicine and Dentistry recruiting brochure had two objectives: first, represent the program as a foundation for learning; and, second, portray student research and academic life.

Our Process and Creative Approach
On the cover design (at left), the large research photo is the focal point on the cover. The smaller images compliment nicely with other medical images of research and medicine. The blue background and stethoscope image tie the entire cover together as a medical brochure. The text and photos portray the interaction among students, instructors, and research facilities—highlighting all aspects of academic life. Below are two different brochures designed to recruit perspective students.

The Result
As a recruiting brochure, the School of Medicine & Dentistry highlights their academic programs through this brochure. Each year, new residents come to the college after seeing and learning more about the University’s educational programs.

School of Medicine and Dentistry Brochure
School of Medicine and Dentistry Brochures
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