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Excerise Image Push Up

An Ambitious Resolution

In January of 2017, my new year's resolution was to take more breaks from my desk, get into an exercise routine, and make an effort to move more. It was prompted by the need to reduce the strain of minor…

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Health Benefits of Spices

While I enjoy working on wellness projects, I also like sharing information that can be beneficial to you. Read on. Do you know which spices have health benefits? The list below offers some options for common aliments. Oregano: Helps alleviate osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis,…

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Green Tea In Cup

Kill Tooth Decay Bacteria

A Japanese study found that people who drank one or more cups of green tea daily killed off the bad bacteria associated with tooth decay. Below is a green tea iced beverage for the summer. Iced Lemon-and-Ginger Green Tea Combine 10…

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Stayin' Alive

If you drink coffee you'll love the results of a new study claiming living longer may well be in your cup. Whether you drink regular or decaf, 400,000 men and women were studied by the National Institutes of Health (AARP)…

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Relieve Eye Strain

If you find yourself tired more often, the culprit maybe the number of hours you spend on the computer. Optometrists, are confirming that people who work 7-plus hours on their computer tend to find more eye dryness and pain along with vision…

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Ice Cream

Snacks That Zap Sleep

Getting a good night sleep may have something to do with the sweet treat you choose as an evening snack. This is because your body digests fats slower than carbohydrates or proteins. The fact is eating high fat foods before…

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